Questions & Answers

Where do the ads on come from?
All ads are found on the Swiss Internet by our search engine.

How our search engine works:
Each search request from our users is taken up by our search engine and processed. Each ad found is provided with source information and is automatically made accessible to all users until it is removed from the Internet.

Will we really find all the real estate ads on the Swiss Internet?
If an ad cannot be found on our platform, this could be because of technical or commercial reasons. The ads listed on our search engine correspond to the most recent inventory. This can deviate from the total number of ads available on the Internet.

Are our links to these ads up to date?
Yes, more than 99%. All links to the original ads are checked at least once every 24 hours.

Do we have double links?
No, we have filtered out all double links for you. Read the next question for more information on this subject.

Can a listing appear more than once?
Yes! It can certainly happen that the same listing appears in more than one place, i.e. in different URLs. Tip: Sort by price and you can easily see if two different sources describe the same listing.

How is the information on the number of ads on our start page calculated?
Our figures on the start page are automatically and regularly updated. They correspond to the status of our index at the given time. The calculation is based on all ads, that means multiple listings are counted as many times as they appear. They do not however contain any double links!